Brand Showcase

Success stories

Jenny Bakery

Jenny Bakery was found by Auntie Jenny in 2005. At the beginning, it was just Jenny’s hobby to make butter cookies for her friends and families. She opened her first cookie shop in Stanley, Hong Kong using her own name as the brand “Jenny Bakery”. Because of the love she had for teddy bear collections, Jenny packed her cookies in a cute teddy bear biscuit tin. From then on, Jenny cookie was nicknamed “smart bear cookies”. The brand has seen countless meters of queue lines and long waiting times for its melt-in-the-mouth butter cookies. 


CTS Bus Mall

CTS Bus Mall is a Cross-border E-Commerce platform supported by the Stated Owned Enterprise China Travel Service. The online Mall is built on the most popular social media APP in China – WeChat and it provides one-stop services catering on-line retail; marketing; customer service; logistics and clearance from customs.

Our Unique Selling Points

A solid user base of 4 million registered customers from CTS WeChat official Account

On an average basis, there are over 3 million travelers monthly using CTS bus services travelling between HK and Mainland China.